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House adopts variety of anti-assessment bills –Union Leader

The Union Leader reports that the House adopted a variety of education bills this week, many regarding state standards, assessment, and curriculum. Arguing in favor of HB 276, bill sponsor Rep. Rick Ladd said that school boards should be allowed to adopt their own standards, while Rep. Mary Heath pointed out that no current law requires districts to adopt the Common Core standards, leaving them free to choose their own without the help of the bill.


Likely Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee discusses his shifiting position on the Common Core on Meet the Press

We frequently observe in these pages that the basis for opposition to the Common Core tends to be political convictions rather than educational objections. New Hampshire educators who work with the Common Core in their classrooms, for instance strongly favor the standards.  The argument from opponents, on the other hand, tends to center on federal overreach and Gates Foundation funding. (more…)