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CA students react to new Smarter Balanced field test: “you had to put down reasons”

Reactions to the Smarter Balanced field test continue to range from positive to negative.  Nashua seems to be doing pretty well.  And here’s a thoughtful two part critique (here and here) from Washington State with detailed observations, both positive and negative,  about the difficulty and computer facility required.  And from EdSource comes a ground level view from one California Classroom: (more…)

Is the tide going out on high-stakes testing?

New Hampshire has never liked the idea of linking test results to high-stakes for teachers.  Although each school board makes its own teacher evaluation plan, state policy (developed together with the superintendents, teachers and unions) is that framework of multiple measures of teaching effectiveness applied to groups of teachers is more effective and fair than punitive teacher evaluation strategies.

But, with the strong support of the U.S. Education Department, many states have begun using “value added” statistical procedures to reward and punish teachers.  Now the tide may be turning.   (more…)