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Sen. Stiles wrong to oppose voucher repeal (Dave Potter letter to the Portsmouth Herald)

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From Dave Potter to the Portsmouth Herald

When I moved to North Hampton, folks described Sen. Nancy Stiles as consistent, reasonable, practical. What happened?

I know that today’s Republican party no longer has room for such people, but I think that’s what New Hampshire voters want. I urge Sen. Stiles to remember this and maintain the outlook that got her re-elected.

Why is Sen. Stiles opposing repeal of the education tax credit? She voted against the original bill because it was a bad idea. And now we find that a group called the Alliance for the Separation of School and State is using the program for its own political purposes — they say they want to shut down the public school system. Sen. Stiles was right the first time, and that has become even clearer as the program has unfolded.

We are not doing justice to our taxpayers, our businesses or our students in lending public support to a politicized form of religious education. It’s a bad use of public money, and the students will not be prepared for college or the New Hampshire work force. Future business growth, jobs and salaries will be tied to high-tech capabilities and creative minds, not an environment that denies science and modern thinking.

Nineteenth-century beliefs will not serve New Hampshire well, Sen. Stiles. Please remember why you voted against this bad idea in the first place and realize that, now that we know more about it, it’s even worse than we thought.

Dave Potter

North Hampton

Sen. Stiles wrong to oppose voucher repeal


  1. Her eventual vote should be remembered next election cycle.

  2. johnmack34 says:

    Be sure to read: Liberate schools for government by Jeff Jacpby in the Ideas section of today’s Sunday Globe.
    j.E. Mack

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