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Valley News: N.H. School Funding Is Up For Discussion

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If the topic is education, the Valley News is there.  They just did a piece on the upcoming School Funding 101 forum that Andy Volinsky and John Tobin will do in Newport on August 14:

Newport — A public forum on the current status of education funding in New Hampshire and its continued heavy reliance on property taxes will be led next week by the former lead attorney in the Claremont lawsuit.

Andru Volinsky, currently an executive councilor, and John Tobin, an attorney, will lead the discussion at 6 p.m. on Aug. 14 Newport’s Richards Elementary School.

Newport is expected to be joined at the forum by school boards from Claremont, Unity and the Fall Mountain Regional School District.

“Our goal is to help educate the public on how education funding in New Hampshire works and who the system advantages and disadvantages,” said Volinsky, a Manchester attorney. “We hope when people understand the system, they will take appropriate action with their legislators in the upcoming election and urge them to design a more equitable system.”….

“In 2012, adequacy aid was recast as stabilization funding and now that funding is being taken away,” Volinsky said.

Tobin also was an attorney for the plaintiffs — Claremont and four other towns — in the lawsuit against the state that was initiated around 1990.

Volinsky said the “donor town vs. property poor town divide fostered by other governors has been shortsighted” and the approach has “come home to roost” in the problem seen today with education funding…..

As an elected official, Volinsky said he would not represent the plaintiffs in any legal action.

“As with any democracy, the impetus for change comes from the bottom up so we want people to understand what is happening and to hold their elected officials accountable,” Volinsky said.

Read the whole piece here: N.H. School Funding Is Up For Discussion

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