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There will be a major “Education Funding 101” forum in Manchester on January 31

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School Funding has emerged as a central issue for the current legislative session.  Key proposals include restoring the stabilization fund, establishing a serious commission to formulate fundamental school funding reform proposals.  Other bills would take a first step toward a more rational funding system by immediately increasing the per child adequacy payment.  And there’s much more….about building aid, the education tax credit and many other issues.

The forum at Memorial High School at 6:00 PM on Thursday, January 31 is the culmination of months of forums statewide and will be an opportunity to understand our current education funding system and its impact on New Hampshire communities.

Andy Volinsky and John Tobin will present the forum, as always, based on statistical analysis and research provided by retired New Hampshire policy analyst Doug Hall.  The team lays out its analysis of the impact of the Claremont decisions of education funding in Manchester in this data sheet.

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